Gauge Gear 4oz- Piercing Aftercare Saline Solution

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Gauge Gear 4oz- Piercing Aftercare Saline Solution All Natural Wound Wash Solution | Pierced Skin Cleaner | Helps with Healing | Alcohol Free | New Improved Formula


  • ENHANCED SALINE - Saline Solution plus therapeutic grade essential oils combine to make this piercing aftercare solution target all of your skin's aftercare needs
  • REDUCE HEALING TIME - Maintain healthy skin while disinfecting piercing site with this all natural healing solution.
  • FLUSH SKIN - Wash away any debris and bacteria from your stretching and piercing sites. While your body heals it produces discharge that should be washed away to speed healing.
  • STING FREE - Painlessly cleanse the piercing site. The pH level of the solution is similar to your skin's natural pH. Gentle solution will not irritate even the most angry piercing site.


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